Boost Your Brain With These Exercises

Boost Your Brain With These Exercises

( – Have you been feeling a little sluggish lately? Not physically, but mentally? The key may lie in how much exercise you’re getting.

Dr. Suzuki, from New York University, shares some important ways to exercise for your brain.

Boost your brain power with some simple exercises:

  • Walking. One of the most efficient, low-impact ways to boost brain power is to take a simple walk. Getting your body moving helps increase productivity in the neurotransmitters throughout your brain.
  • Strength training. Taking it up a notch and adding some strength training exercises to your routine can help sharpen your mind and boost your overall psyche. Follow up with a heart-healthy diet and plenty of hydration throughout the day.
  • Short, brisk run. Sometimes a boost of blood flow to the brain can really help increase brain power. Taking a short, brisk run just before starting your day is a great way to kick-start sleepy brain cells.

Boosting brain power doesn’t have to be too challenging. If you need a strong pick-me-up, don’t reach for caffeine or more sleep. Implement some exercise and see the difference in how your body reacts.

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