Government Assistance

Self employment assistance program

What is Self Employment Assistance Program?

Americans who are self employed may not realize that there is a self employment assistance program available to help qualifying workers. This program was...
Prescription medication programs

Medicare Senior Prescription Drug Assistance Program

Many people do not realize that there is help available when it comes to prescription drug assistance programs. The Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and...
Government programs for single mothers

How to Get Government Assistance for Single Moms?

Many single mothers don’t realize just how many assistance options are available to help with their current situation. In fact, there are numerous single...
How does emergency housing work?

All About Emergency Housing Assistance Program (EHAP)

As the global pandemic continues on, many people are feeling the effects. Stresses can come from debts piling up, to a lack of steady...

You May be Due Unclaimed Money

Unclaimed money is a term some Americans have heard of. Maybe they saw an advertisement in the mail, online, or on T.V. However, many...

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