Famous Self-Made Millionaires Who Started Out Poor

No One Is Too Poor to Get Rich --- Here’s Proof
Struggling financially? Or maybe that’s an understatement. Maybe you’re wondering whether your life will ever get better. I’m here to tell you that your opportunity to shine could be just around the corner. The “rags to riches” cliche might just sound like a fairytale, but that doesn’t mean anyone is really “too poor to get rich,” either. Here are three people...

Your Job Could Be Making You Worried Sick

Does work have you wanting to change your number, your hair color and your name? Do you cringe each time you hear the tell-tale ding of your inbox? If so, you’re not alone.  According to Forbes, stress levels have risen 20% over the past few decades, reaching never-seen-before levels. But why? Long hours and ridiculous workloads are part of the...

Your Success Streak May Be Just Around the Corner

4 Signs You're About to Hit Your Success Stride
Are you ready to hit the big success streak that will change your life? It could be within your reach right now. Whether you’re struggling or in need of a new direction, there’s a bright light somewhere up ahead. If you notice any of these four signs popping up in your life, it could mean you’re about to hit your...

3 Tips For an Incredible Morning Every Day

Mornings can be rough. Sometimes it’s hard to motivate yourself, especially when the covers are so warm and all you want to do is lie around for a few hours. But have you ever stopped to think about how much more satisfying your morning could be if you got more accomplished? The downside of slow mornings is that, before you...

The Most Valued Personality Traits

As humans, our perceptions and values change over time. The things we admire, the traits we desire, the ideals we aspire to… they all change. And society changes as a result. Now, one new study shows that the personality traits we admire most have changed, too. Thirty-five years ago, people mostly admired friendliness and cooperativeness. Those traits still make the list,,...

Why it Pays To Be a Rebel At Work

5 Ways to Be a Rebel at Work (And Why You Should)
Are you a follower or more of a forge-your-own-path kind of person? There’s nothing wrong with marching to the beat of your own drum. It may sometimes be an issue when you do it in the workplace, but it can also be a good thing. Here are some reasons why it pays to be a rebel in the workplace...

How To Break the Procrastination Cycle

Here's Why You Keep "Doing It Later"
If you’re like me, you leave the dinner dishes in the sink overnight knowing full well that it’s going to be 100% harder to scrape off the hardened crud in the morning than it would be to suck it up and wash the dishes now. I mean, really, it’s only going to take 10 minutes, at most. But, meh, I...

Discovering Yourself After 40

The Real Secret to Self-Growth Later in Life
We tend to talk about growing older as if it's this ominous monster to be avoided at all costs...or we make witty quips like, "you're only as old as you feel." We say that once you reach a certain age, there's no need to improve anymore. You're seasoned.  If you'll allow me to speak frankly, I think that's bull. I personally think...

How To Navigate Uncertain Times

Here's How to Find Your Own North Star
Have you felt like you've lost your direction in life? The world can be scary and confusing when it seems like there’s no resolution in sight. How long have you been searching for your "north star" or ultimate goal? All is not lost, and neither are you. It's normal to get a little bit off track now and again. What...

Rethink Time Management and Try This Instead

Why You Should Stop Managing Your Time (And What to Do Instead)
Have you ever set a schedule for your entire day and then only managed to accomplish a fraction of your tasks? It happens to the best of us. Time management is a valued skill in our work and personal lives. We’re encouraged to stuff as much as we can into one day. I don’t know about you, but when I...