COVID-19 Emotional Survival Guide

COVID-19 Emotional Survival Guide

 ( – There seems to be plenty of doom and gloom about the dreaded COVID-19 every time you turn on the news or check your homepage. This can get overwhelming and lead to feelings of isolation and depression. Not being able to engage in your usual routine outside the home doesn’t help.

If the pandemic and quarantine is getting you down, take heart. This, too, shall pass, and there are easy steps you can take to manage how you feel in the meantime. Just take a look at the tips in our COVID-19 survival guide!

Take a Brief Media Vacation

Everyone is cashing in on the coronavirus — especially the media. This means you’ll see more newscasts and updates than ever before. People are running in fear of catching the virus and ultimately getting sick. Constant reminders coming in from multiple directions may only reinforce that anxiety.

Try taking a brief media vacation, even if it’s just for part of the day. Consistent negative news and photos can lead to stress and depression. Sometimes, just a few minutes away from it can help you avoid those triggers and focus on more positive things.

If you’re worried about missing important information, set aside 10 minutes twice a day to check in with official sources. Then, walk away – very little will happen right now that’s so urgent you need to be checking in more often than that.

Practice Yoga and Meditation

Meditation triggers a deep state of relaxation that helps relieve difficult emotions and improve concentration. It’s especially helpful for regaining your center in times of crisis when you’re feeling out of control. Try sitting quietly and focusing on your outbreath for 10 or 15 minutes once a day – it will help you escape from the negativity of the world and improve your overall emotional wellbeing.

Feeling too restless to sit? Adding yoga to the mix can place an added element of calm while also allowing you to move your body. As you practice various poses, you stretch out tired muscles and improve blood flow, all while tuning more deeply into that mind-body connection.

Find Your Happy Place

Worrying about how you or your loved ones are being affected by the virus can cause you to overthink. The last thing you need right now is to be spiraling out of control, and that means it’s more important than ever to indulge in self-care.

Find your happy place to help deal with worry and troubling emotion. Lose yourself in a book, listen to music, or catch up on your favorite Netflix series. Or, soak in the tub and do an at-home hair and face treatment. The goal is to relax and find something you can enjoy enough to focus on, even if it’s just for a little while.

Connect With Others

As social animals, we crave and need human connection. You may not be able to go grab dinner or hang out on the back porch — but you can still reach out. Pick up the phone and have a good heart-to-heart. Start a video chat or FaceTime with your bestie, mom, or dad. Play multiplayer video games with loved ones you can’t see in person. Do whatever it takes to maintain your social connection without overloading yourself.

Staying connected and keeping your mental health in check is important at any time. In a crisis, it becomes critical. But here’s the thing: the pandemic won’t stick around forever. We will ALL survive this by making the most of the time we have – and maybe giving ourselves a little patience and credit along the way.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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