How to Be a Conversationalist

How to Be a Conversationalist

( – As human beings, we spend so much time talking to friends and families in our daily lives. But how many of us actually have meaningful conversations?

Sometimes, it’s easy to get so caught up in surface-level conversation that we forget the true point of back-and-forth exchange — making connections.

I get it. Making real connections can be tough. It requires you to open up and be vulnerable, which might be out of your comfort zone.

But talking about how successful you are or what you did last week isn’t the key to becoming a conversationalist. Here are a few examples of successful and unsuccessful interactions:

The key to being a conversationalist includes three parts: engaging, listening and conveying feeling.

Talking is about more than relaying the facts. It’s about how you feel about those facts, letting loose about something that matters to you or opening up appropriately about a time you failed. It’s about actively listening and showing your interest when people tell their own stories.

When you listen and ask questions that prompt thoughtful answers, you help people show the more raw, human sides of themselves. This allows you to relate to them, which can set the foundation for a much more open and understanding relationship.

Using emotion as the driving force behind every conversation helps you become a more effective speaker and listener. Keep practicing, and you could find yourself more fulfilled after every interaction!

~Here’s to Your Success!

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