How to Overcome Fear of Being Judged

How to Overcome Fear of Being Judged

( – Do you fear being judged? If so, no worries. It’s actually more common than you think. Many of us stress about what other people — especially those we’re close to — think of us.

But there comes a time when the fear of judgment can surpass inconvenience and become a serious barrier in your life. So how do you conquer it?

You can start with these four tips from Marie Forleo.

Let’s say you have a job or goal you feel insecure about. According to Forleo, insecurity stems from self-judgment, so you can begin to find confidence when you learn to stop judging yourself. Here are a few other ways to overcome being judged:

  1. Give people the benefit of the doubt. If they don’t understand, why not try explaining it to them?
  2. Let go. Some people may not understand or approve of what you do, and that’s okay.
  3. Be happy. People who love you are less likely to be judgmental if you’re confident and happy just the way you are.
  4. Have a solid support system. Surrounding yourself with the people who love, understand and appreciate you can feel incredibly empowering.

Ultimately, the only one who needs to be content with the choices you make is you. Overcoming the fear of being judged can take some patience and dedication, but it’s worth it. You may save yourself a lot of stress and awkwardness in the long run.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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