How to Train Your Brain to Make More Money

How to Train Your Brain to Make More MoneyHow to Train Your Brain to Make More Money

Is there a way to train your brain to be rich? We’re all looking for ways to make money. Entrepreneur, best-selling author and philanthropist, Tony Robbins, shares some of his success in this video and passes his money-growing tips on to you.

Here are some ways to put more green into your bank account:

  • Be persistent. Part of making more money is not giving up. Don’t give up on getting enough money to start your new business or cold contacting to gain a new client. Keep the feeling of certainty that things will be good, and success will follow.
  • Stop self-sabotage. Your mindset could be holding you back. Recognize the habits that hinder your success. Impulse spending behaviors and negative thoughts can hold you back from taking that next step. Write down your goals and stick with plans for a positive change.
  • Change your core beliefs. Rework your way of thinking. Eliminate all negative thoughts and replace them with a positive, life-altering motivational mindset. Write down what you associate being rich with. Cars? A vacation to the Maldives? If you picture what more money can bring you, it can plant a seed that may help you stick to your financial goals.

Being wealthy is a mindset. Achieving it and maintaining it takes work and effort. Whatever you put in, you’ll reap in the rewards moving forward.

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