Is This Common Habit Wrecking Your Health?

Is This Common Habit Wrecking Your Health?

Have you ever settled onto your couch to watch one episode of your favorite television show before bed, only to find yourself still sitting there hours later?

Then you know how enjoyable (and addicting) binge watching shows can be.

With more streaming services crafting shows specifically for binge watching, experts are weighing in on the health risks associated with consecutive hours spent watching TV.

Here are some ways binge watching TV can impact your health:

  • Sleep disturbances as a result of mental stimulation.
  • Muscle aches, particularly in your back or neck, from staying in one position too long.
  • Promotion of sedentary lifestyle, which can increase your risk for obesity and cardiovascular disease.
  • Can cause fatigue and increase the risk of depression.

As with all parts of a healthy lifestyle, binge watch in moderation. Take breaks between episodes and limit yourself to just a few. If you’re able, try moving more while watching your shows, either by exercising in front of the television or streaming on your phone or a tablet while you do dishes or fold laundry. With some creativity and a little willpower, you can enjoy your favorite shows without falling into unhealthy habits.

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