Poverty Does Not Define You, But This Does

Poverty Does Not Define You But This Does

It can be tough to keep a positive attitude when you’re struggling financially, even if the idea of falling into poverty is scarier. It might be even worse if you’re already living it.

But it doesn’t define you.

Being poor doesn’t make someone less of a person, nor does it mean they have less to offer this world.

Take it from Christian Mickelsen, a life coach who struggled with poverty in his early life and eventually found his way. This cool video talks all about the importance of changing your mindset and believing you can succeed despite the challenges faced.

Ultimately, this is Mickelson’s point…

Your worth has nothing to do with how much money you have. What defines you is your drive, your passion and your way of adapting to a situation. Most problems (hello, scary financial situations) are temporary — but it’s up to you to keep reaching toward your goals, even when you get discouraged.

If you’re struggling today, you can still strive for better. You can chase after your dreams, and you don’t have to settle for less out of fear of failure. Remember, failure isn’t an ending. It’s just another challenge that you can — and will — overcome.

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