How to Make Your Education Really Count

The Mythbusters’ Secret to Making College Count

Mythbuster Adam Savage has really done it this time.

His antics this time are only sort of a myth, I suppose, but since the whole world is kind of questioning tuition prices right now, we’ll call this another myth shot down.

In a recent interview, Adam revealed that he believes one of the best things you can do to make college count is don’t go right away.

He believes taking at least a year to yourself before you head off to school lets you to spend more time working in the real world and having life experiences. Called a “gap year,” this could end up being the most vital part of your education.


You get a better idea of how things really are out in the workforce, how to work with others, and even how to handle things like conflict. This means you’re ultimately more prepared for college once you do get there.

Way too many people make the mistake of diving into a career path they don’t really want to be in. It’s okay to focus on you for a bit, too.

It might even be invaluable. 

Savage also recommends taking prerequisites at a less-expensive community college to dramatically reduce the amount you have to pay for a four-year education. These schools can cost thousands less per year.

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