These Positive News Stories Will Give You Hope

These Positive News Stories Will Give You Hope

( – Feeling tapped, burned out, or just a little bit depressed by the news lately? You’re not alone. Between the pandemic, the struggling economy, soaring unemployment rates, and a constant level of political drama it can be exhausting to tune in and impossible to look away. You might even start to feel a little hopeless.

But don’t give up on humanity just yet. The truth is that there’s a lot of good happening out there, too – it just doesn’t get as much publicity. We think the examples in this video will help restore your faith.

All of these clips have something in common: they showcase the amazing resilience of humans who come together for the greater good. When we find ways to put down the pitchforks and create common ground, the whole world becomes a better place.

And the reality is, life will ALWAYS give you lemons now and again. Right now, those lemons just happen to be particularly sour. But that doesn’t mean that a brighter tomorrow isn’t right around the corner or that things will always be the same.

So, look for the positive. Find the helpers around you — they are there — or become a helper yourself. Let it inspire your heart and create joy in your soul. Being a part of the solution and making those key connections will reward you with a full heart.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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