The Two Main Factors That Contribute to a Successful Life

This Expert's Advice Might Change Everything You Do

Have you ever heard the advice that happiness is something you choose rather than something that happens to you?

Let’s be honest — it sounds easier said than done. But according to famous author and philanthropist, Tony Robbins, it’s the secret to a better life.

We all have different aspirations and goals.

Robbins says that there are two main factors that contribute to a successful life:

  • The Science of Achievement: Learning to bring your ideas to life in the quickest, easiest way possible.
  • The Art of Fulfillment: Learning to find purpose in your daily life and achievements.

The art of fulfillment is where so many people fall short. You could master the science of achievement and get everything you want in life, but still be unhappy. And that’s what Robbins calls the “ultimate failure.”

Instead, he recommends a different strategy.


Decide to be happy, to find joy in what you’re doing and how you interact with others. If you can accept the purpose you’re serving now and choose to look for the positives instead of all the things that could go wrong, you may find yourself genuinely happy and even enjoying your successes more.

Live for today. Give and love as much as you can and allow yourself to feel joy without needing a reason. You don’t need a reason, because you’re already amazing and deserve to enjoy every possible moment.

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