This is How Most Americans Waste Money

This is How Most Americans Waste Money

( – Can’t stop spending? It turns out you aren’t alone. In fact, you might say wasting money has almost become a national sport. Logically, we all know this, and most of us do what we can to pare back on it.

Yet, I still found myself taken aback by the common examples Chelsea from The Financial Diet gives in a recent video.

It isn’t just about credit and other known crutches, either.

We also:

  • Buy too many clothes. The average woman has 30 outfits.
  • Live in huge houses. Not only are big houses expensive to buy, but they’re also more expensive to heat and maintain.
  • Eat too much meat. Meat is expensive and not always healthy if you eat too much. And that can really rack up medical bills.
  • Buy unused gym memberships. Only 18% of subscribers actually go consistently.
  • Store excess stuff. The self-storage industry brings in $24 billion annually!

Now, For the Good News…

You don’t have to waste another dime. Find the areas where you’re needlessly hemorrhaging cash and plug the holes. Cancel memberships you’re not using, make smarter purchases and downsize your life. Take a critical look and how and where you spend your money and be realistic about what you actually need. You have the power to claim your financial freedom – we know you can do it.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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