The Most Valued Personality Traits


As humans, our perceptions and values change over time. The things we admire, the traits we desire, the ideals we aspire to… they all change. And society changes as a result.

Now, one new study shows that the personality traits we admire most have changed, too.

Thirty-five years ago, people mostly admired friendliness and cooperativeness. Those traits still make the list,, but new research shows Americans find intelligence, reliability, loyalty, attractiveness and responsibility higher on the list.

Unsurprisingly, these are the same traits present in many great leaders.

Throughout the years, the top negative traits (or least desirable traits, anyway) have remained largely the same. Dishonesty, rudeness, being dishonorable and lying are still huge turn-offs. So if you’re trying to impress, ditch those first.

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