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Our About Us page should be the perfect introduction for you to get an idea about what our goals are here at Daily Prosper and how we hope to help people live more successful lives. In order to truly prosper, we believe people need the right mindset, good information, health, and opportunity. That is why we have 4 Main Categories:

Our team searches for information online about anything and everything that can help people advance themselves with whatever situation they are dealing with. We hope that our readers enjoy free access to great information while discovering new saving opportunities, benefits, programs, resources, tips, and more that may be able to assist!

Understanding Daily Prosper

Here at Daily Prosper, we want to make personal prosperity easier to achieve through simplicity! An important component of achieving that prosperity lies within financial management of all aspects of life. If you have any questions, we encourage you to ask! You can send us feedback at contact(at)dailyprosper.com. We love feedback so if you know of anything else that can help our readers prosper, please share it with us. We will review submissions to see how we can improve, what new articles we should make, how we can continue to be a great source of free help, etc.

What is Our Process?

At Daily Prosper, we like to make sure that our content is not only great quality, but original as well. We like to focus on ways that our readers can better their situation! If you find any article or content that you think needs to be updated then please reach out contact(at)dailyprosper.com. Please keep in mind that our content is not tailored to your specific situation. Every situation is unique so these articles are a great place to get a general understanding! You can use the information you gain from these articles as a roadmap to help you find what next steps you may want to take on your journey to prosperity. If you want a more specialized approach for assistance for your situation then getting help from a qualified professional should be who you consult with before making financial decisions.

Understanding Wealth

This is obviously a very important piece when it comes to achieving your goals. That is why at Daily Prosper, we want to show you how you can expand and better manage your wealth whether you have $20 in the bank or $2 million. Everyone has their own unique financial situation so the information that can be most helpful will be based on what you are dealing with! You can use our advice to help you understand what your next steps may need to be when dealing with your finances.

Sharing Success

There are plenty of ways that people can be successful. That is why here at Daily Prosper we want to share different ways that you could achieve success! Whether that means figuring out how to handle a passive source of income or better managing your investment portfolio, the steps to success may be closer than you realize. That is why we want to highlight some helpful ways that you could succeed as well. When you learn about different ways you can succeed, you may find that you can follow those footsteps as well and succeed in your own way!

Focus on Well-Being

Well-being is an important part of every individual. There are a bunch of different forms of well-being from an emotional standpoint, physical standpoint, financial standpoint, etc. All forms of well-being are important so that is why we focus some content on making sure that you can focus on feeling well all around! You want to make sure that you don’t overlook your own well-being especially when you deal with the obstacles that life throws your way. You are not alone on your journey of well-being!


One of the best things about being a person is the fact that we can grow and progress at any point no matter how hard the position may be. There are plenty of opportunities for growth that people may not realize are out there! That is why we like to focus on those possibilities. Growth can come in many shapes and forms so make sure you get insight on some growth opportunities. Growth may not be comfortable all the time, but it can help you in the long run, even if you need a little help along the way.

How Can Daily Prosper Help You?

While we may not be able to directly help out your situation, we can help you get the knowledge you need to feel more confident. That confidence can help you make decisions whether you decide to get help from a professional or you research and make a decision on your own. Either way, we want to provide you education and knowledge about a variety of topics that you may need more information on. Let’s look at an example. Let’s say there is a homeowner named Kathy who originally got a 30 year mortgage. After 8 years with no missed payments, a higher credit score than when she bought her home, and she holds 50% equity in the home, she has been considering her options. She comes across an article on our site that goes over what the mortgage refinance process entails and how it can benefit homeowners. After doing some research, she may decide she wants to speak to a loan officer at her local bank to discuss her options for a refinance. She may find that she doesn’t like her bank as her current lender and uses advice she received from these articles to review other top lenders that may be able to provide better opportunities. While this information didn’t directly help Kathy’s situation, it gave her the knowledge she needed to decide that she may want to look into a refinance more. The same concept can apply to someone in a worse off situation than “Kathy.” Let’s look at another example. Let’s say there is an individual named Marc who always had a hard time dealing with money. After getting laid off from his job, and injured, he may not know where he can turn for money. Marc can research on our site to see if he can find any useful information that could help his situation. When researching he comes across passive income opportunities that he can do online from the comfort of his home! He discovers there are more jobs than he realized and finds that translation may be a good opportunity to look into. He can take that information and begin searching online outside of our site for jobs that are hiring. He just now knows a type of job position that he can check out that could be flexible around what he’s dealing with. These are two vastly different “people” that deal with completely different situations. However, the content on our site could still help them get some insight when finding a path to prosperity. Who knows, you may be able to benefit from just a little bit of research more than you realize.

What if You have an Issue?

While we sincerely hope you never have an issue with us, we still want you to talk to us even if you do! Like we said earlier, we love feedback. If you want to discuss ways for our site to improve, how your own personal experience could be better, etc. then we encourage you to reach out to contact(at)dailyprosper.com. Any issues that you may have should be brought to our attention!

How are We Different?

While we may have similar content as other sites, our articles try to be easy to understand on many different types of issues that a variety of people may deal with. Focusing on the fact that we want our content to be easy to understand and relevant may be what makes us a site you prefer compared to other sources of information.

About Us Overall

Here at Daily Prosper, we just want to help people understand how they can achieve prosperity from all aspects of life. That is why we write about categories like wealth, success, well-being, and growth (amongst other ones as well). There is a variety of information that can provide you insight to make more educated decisions. Please remember that we do not provide individualized recommendations for your specific situation! We can provide you the tools you need to review different steps in your journey to prosperity. Regardless of your situation, there should be articles on our site that could provide you more information. If you want more customized professional advice then you need to reach out to a professional in the industry that you are interested in. Our content does not take the place of these professional opinions on your situation! If you have any feedback, questions, suggestions, etc. for our site, we recommend that you reach out to contact(at)dailyprosper.com.

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