Gas Savings: How to Save Money on Gas

No one likes dealing with the price of gas, especially when gas prices rise. In fact, just recently the national average for a gallon of gas was $4.17 which is the highest ever recorded (yes, that means it beat the prices back in 2008!). It can be hard for many Americans that rely on their car for work, transportation, etc. If you feel like gas is too expensive then you are not alone. However, there may be more hope than you realize! In fact, there are ways that you can save money on gas.

Understanding How to Save on Gas

According to research, it’s estimated that American families will spend almost $2,000 on gasoline in 2022. That can be too much for families that are already dealing with financial hardship. That is why it is important to make sure that you understand ways to save! Some things that you can do to save on gas includes:

  • Focus on Your Driving Habits
  • Get Your Gas Accordingly
  • Find the Best Places to Pump Gas
  • Consider the Fuel Efficiency of Your Car
  • Keep Up with Vehicle Maintenance
  • Pay Gas with Cash
  • Benefit from Gas Rewards Programs

Focus on Your Driving Habits

When people think of a good driver, there are likely many different ideas that come to mind. However, a good driver can be one that focuses on their driving habits. That’s because driving habits can account for your gas prices in a variety of different ways.

Drive More Conservatively

Let’s talk about one way that you can drive better. Drive more conservatively. It is important that you are not an aggressive driver. An aggressive driver can be one that consistently drives fast, brakes suddenly, and accelerates quickly. Surprisingly, people that do not have aggressive driving habits like these can save on gas just by having a more conservative driving style.

Plan Your Trips Efficiently

Let’s say that you need to go on a trip that is 15 miles away. You could take the 30 minute way or you could take the 50 minute way. Driving that extra 20 minutes of driving wasn’t needed and resulted in you using more gas than you needed to. That is why you want to plan your trips by finding the best way to get there! You can use apps like Google Maps, Apple Maps, etc., to help you navigate.

Try to Drive Less When You Can

Let’s look at an example. Let’s say that you like to drive to a coffee shop that is 5 minutes from your house. You could choose to walk that distance instead of driving if possible. Making the decision to walk means driving less which means you aren’t using gas as much!

Better Handle with Parking

Another way that people waste gas is by circling the parking lot in hopes to find the best spot possible. However, this is a way that people waste gas when they don’t need to. You may need to just find a space further away from your destination instead of idling while you waste gas. In fact, there are even apps available to help you find parking!

Get Your Gas Accordingly

Cars are items in your life that you need to properly care for. Each car will have its own unique set of needs. One need that cars deal with is the type of gas they take. Some cars require premium while other cars are fine just taking regular. If your car doesn’t have the need for premium gas then you shouldn’t be spending extra money if you are dealing with financial hardship. Before making any decision you will need to check with the requirements of your car. To confirm you can get in touch with a car dealership that specializes with your car brand.

Another way to get your gas accordingly is to get your gas on the right day. That’s because it has been found that on average, gas is cheapest on Monday. On the other hand, it is most expensive on Thursday.

Find the Best Places to Pump Gas

A common trend that people see is that gas generally is more expensive as you get closer to a city. For example, the price of gas in Miami is going to likely be more expensive than gas that is offered closer to the Everglades. That just goes to show how important it is to find the right place to pump gas. Some gas stations are cheaper than others, so you will want to look around your area to find the cheapest option available!

Another way that people get cheaper gas is by benefiting from memberships. For example, Costco is a wholesale company that also offers more affordable gas to their members! Typically, Costco gas is 60 cents cheaper per gallon than a Mobil gas station.

Consider the Fuel Efficiency of Your Car

Like we said earlier, every car is different when it comes to their needs. Another thing that is different when it comes to cars is their level of fuel efficiency. Some cars just are not that fuel efficient. Fuel efficiency refers to the distance that a car can go on just one gallon of gas. Different cars will have different levels of fuel efficiency. If your car isn’t the most fuel efficient. Then you may benefit from getting a vehicle that is better when it comes to getting the most out of the gas that goes into it.

Keep Up with Your Vehicle Maintenance

A lot of people are familiar with standard car maintenance like oil changes, wiper fluid, etc. However, car maintenance can include other factors that could potentially impact how your car handles gas. If a car is not properly maintained then they could burn more fuel than a car that has up-to-date maintenance.

Pay Gas with Cash

People could save up to 10 cents per gallon if they pay for gas with cash. That’s because sometimes gas stations charge a surcharge for individuals that use a credit card. This results in higher prices! When people pay with cash they could save an average of $1 every time 12 gallons are filled up.

Benefit from Gas Rewards Programs

Not every gas station offers a rewards program but some do. These rewards programs can help individuals get some nice benefits like discounted gas prices, free points that can be used towards items at the gas station, and more. For example, 7-Eleven has a program that can give consumers the chance to save 11 cents per gallon for the first seven fill-ups.

Bottom Line

As gas prices are becoming scarily expensive, there may be more hope than you realize. That’s because there are plenty of ways that you can save money on gas. You can:

  • Focus on Your Driving Habits
  • Get Your Gas Accordingly
  • Find the Best Places to Pump Gas
  • Consider the Fuel Efficiency of Your Car
  • Keep Up with Vehicle Maintenance
  • Pay Gas with Cash
  • Benefit from Gas Rewards Programs

While you may not be able to control the price of gas, you can control the way you handle the change. Making sure you do everything you can could lead to some serious savings down the line!

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