Pisces Horoscope

Apr 10, 2021… Pisces could send mixed messages today. Are you up and down, back and forth, and having a hard time focusing? This could show in how you’re acting with friends or family today. If you have something on your mind or are really just trying to sort out how you feel, the vibe will be right to get it out of your system. A kind ear to talk to or writing it down can help you sort it all out and get things back in focus. You’ll be able to start your weekend with a clear mind and a lighter heart.

Today’s Soul Advice: You cannot pluck a rose from the earth and expect its thorns not to draw blood. The rose will protect itself. Just because a rose hurt you with its thorn doesn’t mean you should fear every flower. Not every flower has thorns. Remember, too, that the rose thought it was simply defending itself. Perception matters… and you can make the most of it.