Pisces Horoscope

Sep 25, 2023… You could be a little over-protective of your stuff today. If anyone thinks you’re getting carried away, who cares? You know that even small and inexpensive items can have sentimental value. In any case, when you stand up for what’s yours, you aren’t just protecting one thing, but also setting boundaries. As long as you’re coming from a place of kindness and don’t go too far, you can keep what’s yours safe and secure, Pisces.

Today’s Soul Advice: What’s Your Soul Potential? If you could do anything you wanted in this world with no unreasonable limitations, what would you do? There is a mysterious power in knowing the answer. Don’t know yet? Keep trying to answer that question for yourself until it feels just right. You’ll know when that is. Let that imaginary ideal life take hold in your dreams. Keep it in mind day and night. What you think about a lot could become real :-). How cool is that?