Cancer Horoscope

Jun 14, 2021… Intense emotions will likely make an appearance for Cancers today. It could simply start out like one of those days when nothing feels quite right — but you’ll have the power to turn it around. Choosing silence as your default setting could sound like a good option. This doesn’t mean that it’s a bad day, but maybe it’s a better choice to be quiet and introspective rather than hitting the dance floor or partying all night. You can take in the world around you and absorb today’s energy in a positive way.

Today’s Soul Advice: Each new day brings the opportunity to reinvent or improve ourselves. We form our intentions, and we stick to them if we are passionate about it. Today, try out this resolution: be positive about the lessons you’re learning even when times get tough, think happy thoughts even on rainy days, and make amazing memories with those you care about.



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