Aries Horoscope

Feb 25, 2024… Today’s energy will be about romance, and you won’t need a partner to catch these vibes. A good movie or book might do the trick and leave you with a warm sense of wonder that will have you smiling when you think of it. If you have a partner to share a romantic moment with, tonight could be deep. That’s all we’re saying — deep. Remember, some of the best connections are emotional, even by yourself. Enjoy every minute of it.

Today’s Soul Advice: Some people believe that having to press restart on things is akin to admitting failure. This isn’t true! Starting over is the bravest way to say that you’ve tried, you’ve learned, and you want to try again with your new knowledge. You aren’t a failure for knowing when to pick up the pieces and start again – you are courageous and smart for it. Reboot with pride.