Get Money From Strangers (Without Being Shady)

Get Money From Strangers (Without Being Shady)

Are you facing tough times? Or maybe your credit is maxed out, but the perfect business opportunity has landed at your feet. Anything from a job layoff to an unexpected medical bill can quickly lead to overextended credit or worse — falling behind on monthly obligations.

If you’ve had difficulty getting a loan from your bank, there may be an alternative. Check out these sites that let you borrow money from total strangers without the harsh credit requirements of big lenders.

Funding Circle

This is a peer-to-peer platform that offers loans to individuals who need the cash strictly for business ventures and startups. If you’re unable to get traditional financing or your personal investments are tied up in existing loans, this is a good option.

With Funding Circle, you can apply for loans ranging from 6 months to 5 years. The minimum amount to borrow is $25,000, but you can go up to $500,000. You’ll need good credit to apply, but overall the terms are laxer than you’ll find at many other financial institutions.


Need fast money to pay off bills or maybe remodel your home? Whatever the reason, Peerform has a large selection of strangers who are eager to lend you cash.

This is another peer-to-peer lender, where you to pitch your application to numerous investors on a marketplace. From there, they will decide if they want to lend you money or not. Terms are fairly straightforward and there is generally no complicated underwriting process or lengthy wait time. Other than an origination fee, there are no additional hidden costs.


Another loan alternative to corporate banking institutions, Upstart allows you to apply for a loan and get a fast response. Computer calculations decide if you’ll be a good candidate as opposed to that dreaded FICO credit score comparison. Once they establish your creditworthiness for paying back the loan, you’ll get an interest rate and a loan offer.


Prosper boasts over $16 billion in loans from willing investors. You simply fill out your profile, the amount you would like to borrow and what the money will be used for.

Once the offer goes live, strangers add money to your account, and they will get a cut of the interest that you pay in. Prosper lends based on your credit history, but because there are multiple lenders and investors, you have a better chance of approval even if you credit is shaky.

Borrowing money from strangers may seem a little daunting at first. Remember, these people are also in it for the money. Their investment in you is a win-win — you both get paid, and you get ahead.

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