Your Next Money-Maker: Get Paid to Consume Less Energy

Imagine a world where saving the planet also means saving money! It sounds too good to be true, right? But what if, instead of digging into your pockets every time you wanted to make an eco-friendly choice, you actually got rewarded for it? Welcome to the future of green living, where consuming less energy doesn’t just help Mother Earth—it also puts extra cash in your pocket! Get ready to dive into a win-win situation where you can be a superhero for the planet and your bank account at the same time.

Introducing OhmConnect: A Revolution in Energy Efficiency and Savings

In today’s smart-living era, there’s a service that stands out by turning energy conservation into a rewarding experience, both environmentally and financially. At its core, OhmConnect is a service designed to optimize energy usage in homes. By partnering with its users, OhmConnect helps reduce strain on the electrical grid during peak demand times. Here’s how it works:

  • OhmConnect Alert: Sometimes, lots of people use electricity at once. This can stress the power system. So, OhmConnect will send you a heads-up, called an OhmHour or AutoOhm, asking you to save energy for a short time.
  • Using Smart Plugs: To make saving energy super easy, use special plugs called smart plugs. You can control these plugs with your phone or let OhmConnect do it. When it’s time to save energy, these plugs can automatically turn off things like fridges or AC units. Some lucky folks might even get one of these plugs for free when they join OhmConnect!
  • Getting Rewards: The less electricity you use during these special times, the more you earn. OhmConnect will pay you for saving energy!

In short, OhmConnect helps you use less energy, do good for the planet, and earn some extra cash. And with smart plugs, it’s all super simple!

OhmConnect Alert

OhmHours and AutoOhms are special times, usually around an hour, where members are asked to cut back on electricity use. Think of it as giving the power system a little break. By using less electricity during these times, we’re helping the environment and reducing the need for more power plants. Plus, it’s a great way to lower our electricity bills.

OhmHours vs. AutoOhms: The Key Differences

While both are fantastic opportunities to save energy and earn, they occur under different circumstances. OhmHours kick in when an energy surge is predicted within the next day. AutoOhms come into play during real-time energy surges, often with only a 15-minute heads-up. Given the short notice of AutoOhms, it’s pivotal to have connected devices, like smart thermostats or plugs, linked to OhmConnect for automated power management.

Behind the Scenes: The Electricity Grid

To fully appreciate the significance of OhmHours, let’s take a brief look at how the electricity grid operates.

Usually, energy markets are really good at figuring out how much energy a certain place needs. But sometimes, people use more energy than the market expected. To balance this, the grid fires up “fast-acting power plants”. But here’s the catch: these plants, despite being efficient, are harmful for the environment. They’re costly to run and, on average, produce 2 to 3 times more carbon emissions than regular power plants, directly affecting the surrounding areas.

How Does it Work?

You may be wondering what you should do when you get that OhmHour notification? Well, here are some steps as to how this process might generally look.

  • First you’ll be notified via SMS or email about an upcoming energy-saving event.
  • Next you’ll want to dim those lights, power down, and let your smart devices handle the heavy lifting. For example, you’ll want to connect appliances to smart plugs, ensuring they switch off automatically.
  • Finally you can cash in. The energy you save is quantified, sold back, and the profit? Well, it comes straight to you!

Using Smart Plugs

For those who aren’t tech gurus, the thought of setting up smart devices can be a bit intimidating. Enter the smart plug: a beginner-friendly device that even the least tech-savvy among us can master. So, what exactly is a smart plug? It’s a Wi-Fi-enabled plug that allows you to control the devices connected to it via your smartphone. In the context of OhmConnect, it’s like having an assistant who turns off devices during OhmHours or AutoOhms.

Strategic Placement: Where Should the Smart Plug Go?

  1. The Refrigerator Hack: Contrary to what you might think, connecting your refrigerator to a smart plug can be a game-changer. When you join OhmConnect, during the OhmHours and AutoOhms, the smart plug can automatically turn off your fridge. And the best part? Studies have shown that fridges can stay off for up to four hours without any food being spoiled. This not only conserves energy but also boosts your earnings.
  2. Window A/C Unit: Why cool an empty room? Connect your window A/C to a smart plug. This ensures it’s only running when necessary, giving you maximum efficiency and savings.
  3. Power Strip Trick: Instead of connecting a single lamp to your smart plug, consider attaching a power strip. This allows you to shut off multiple energy-hungry devices at once, amplifying your energy savings.
  4. Vampire Appliances: Many devices in our homes continue to draw ‘phantom power’ even when they seem to be off. This sneaky power consumption can be halted by connecting these devices to a smart plug. Prime culprits include:
    • TVs and Cable boxes
    • Computers and Laptops
    • Gaming consoles
    • Sound systems
    • Kitchen appliances like stoves and microwaves
    • Printers

Getting Rewards

With OhmConnect, not only can you help the planet by conserving energy, but you can also fatten your wallet in the process! OhmConnect has a long history of rewarding its members, and one of the most thrilling ways is through their biweekly prizes.

Every time you save energy, especially during OhmHours and AutoOhms, you earn ‘Watts’. These Watts can then be exchanged for various rewards in the OhmConnect Marketplace. Every other week, OhmConnect offers an epic prize, which could be worth around $5,000! You can use your earned Watts to buy entries for a chance to win these amazing rewards. Many users have already won huge prizes, from gift cards to cash rewards!


Using energy wisely can be a bit complicated, but thanks to programs like OhmHours and AutoOhms, it becomes a lot easier and beneficial. When we participate in these programs, we’re not only avoiding the use of certain power plants that harm the environment but also getting financial rewards for it. By linking up our smart devices and taking part actively, we help keep the electricity system stable, reduce harmful emissions, and get paid for our good deeds. Basically, it’s a win-win: help the environment and earn rewards!


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