Find Extra Money This Holiday Season

The holidays are around the corner and we both know that the holidays can be quite expensive. This is why you should try to earn extra money for the holidays. You do not want to overspend and end up stressed out in the new year. No one wants to be stressed out in the new year, not after the year we have had. This article will tell you how to earn extra money for the holidays and not exceed your budget. There are many ways you can earn money for the holidays, but you will need to work for it.

How Can You Earn Extra Money for the Holidays?

The holidays are the busiest time of the year and the most expensive. You might not buy presents for an entire village, but there is no denying that you need to pay money during the holidays. (And, a lot of it, too). If you are repaying your loans or trying to save money, then you might need a little extra cash for the holidays. This is why you should earn extra money, so you do not burn through your savings. You just need to know where to look for the extra money and you will have a happy holiday.

Improve Your Income

You will find that seasonal work is in high demand during the holidays. This is a benefit for you, because you will be able to pick up extra shifts. Typically, retail shops hire more staff during late October until early November. You have the option to work nights or weekends. It might be a little stressful, but you can earn a quick buck. Additionally, you can get a lot out of employee discounts. You should find the crowds and look for work in those retail shops.

If you do not like the idea of seasonal work, then you can work overtime at your job. You can work during Christmas or Thanksgiving, if you want. Typically, these particular shifts pay double or triple pay.

Let Your Money Do the Work

In the case that you do not want to work overtime or seasonal work to earn more money, there is another option. The other option is that you can set aside a little cash every week and spend it during the holidays. But, you need to start early and not a few weeks before the holidays. If you can set aside $50 – $100 every week, then you can accumulate a large chunk of change by the time of the holidays. You can try to stop yourself from eating out or buying luxurious goods for a while. Additionally, you should set aside that money in a savings account that earns interest.

Get Extra Money from Your Credit Card

You should think about using your credit card, especially if they can offer you cash back. Take advantage of the rebate card that can add up after you make big purchases. You should make sure to choose a card with a low annual fee and buy items that allow you to receive cash back. If you want it to work, then you will need to repay your whole bill before it is due. Make sure you are careful, though. These cards tend to charge high interest rates and they can be very time-sensitive. You need to be smart about it throughout the process.

Save Money on Shopping

You can save money on shopping and start planning. Plan out your gift list before the holidays and set a spending limit for the holidays. That way, you will be able to know how much you will spend during your shopping spree. Also, make sure that you avoid the urge to buy everything you see. It might be hard, but you should try your best. Planning is the key to having a good holiday, so make sure you stick to the plan. Remain dedicated to your shopping list and avert your eyes from all the shiny sale signs.

Prepare for Next Year

Once the holidays are over, you should think about next year. You can always work on saving up for your holiday expenses for next year. If you receive a raise throughout the year, then you can deposit the extra money into a savings account with interest. You will not need to push yourself, so you can prepare for the next year and fix your finances. Just pretend like it is not there until the holidays start.

Work As A Dog Walker Or Pet Sitter

If you like pets, then pet sitting is the best option for you. Pet sitting is taking care of a cat or dog (or any kind of pet) until their owner comes back. You can make good money through pet sitting. Furthermore, you could become a dog walker. As a dog walker, you will be responsible for walking dogs in the morning. You can get a bit of physical activity done and still make a chunk of change. However, if you have any allergies towards animals, then maybe this is not the job for you.

Freelance Your Way To More Money

Freelancing is a great way to make extra money and still keep your full-time job. There are many companies out there who need a freelancer and you could be one of them. You will not be obligated to work with a company or business for too long; all you need to do is finish the job.


In conclusion, you can earn extra money for the holidays. There are many ways for you to earn extra money; all you need to do is work a little harder. You could always work overtime at your job or work seasonal work. Another option is setting aside money before the holidays or creating a spending budget. Finally, you should consider working as a freelancer. Or, you could work as a dog walker or as a pet sitter. (Make sure you are fond of animals, though).

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