You May be Due Unclaimed Money


Unclaimed money is a term some Americans have heard of. Maybe they saw an advertisement in the mail, online, or on T.V. However, many don’t realize what this means for them and their bank accounts. In fact, in just Florida alone, over $2 billion worth of unclaimed property is due to people. The state’s CFO, Jimmy Patronis, has even stated that over $835 million of that over $2 billion number is located in just South Florida!

These unclaimed properties can be from anything either a missed paycheck, dormant bank accounts, refunds, stocks, unclaimed insurance proceeds, abandoned safety deposit boxes, and more! That is why it is important to see if you are rightfully due any assets.

The best way to check is to go to the unclaimed money search option for your state. For example, if you are living in Florida, then you would go to and check out your information to see if anything pops up.

It’s a great time to check if you are due any money as the holiday season approaches. You may have enough money due to you to cover gifts, groceries, and more! Take a look at what you may be owed and don’t be a part of Americans that are just sitting on money that they need to claim.