5 Apps That Pay You to Lose Weight

5 Apps That Pay You to Lose Weight

(DailyProsper.com) – Kicking those pounds off the scale might be easier if there were more motivation to do it, right? Great news: it turns out there are actually a few ways to get paid for getting fit.

Let’s get right down to it. Here are five apps that will actually pay you to lose weight:

  • HealthyWage. Choose your weight loss goal and enter your stats along the way. Then place a bet on how much you think you’ll lose. When the time is up, enter your stats and what you’ve lost and win the money.
  • Dietbet. This app drives up the fun factor as you treat your weight loss like a game and play with others. Money is entered into a pot and the more you lose, the bigger prize cut you get!
  • GymPact. The motto with this app is that you earn cash that is paid by competitors who didn’t go to the gym. The app allows you to check in via GPS for at least 30 minutes to qualify for a reward.
  • Achievement. Connect to your existing apps to track your fitness, weight loss and healthy choices. It’s simple: Do the tasks and earn points that accumulate into cash rewards.
  • Rakuten. This app pays before you shed the pounds. Earn money by purchasing workout gear or joining a gym. You get paid when your rewards reach the $5 threshold.

Try these apps out and reward yourself for more than just a healthy weight loss goal, but some cold, hard cash too!

~Here’s to Your Success!

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