5 Ways to Be Kind to Yourself

5 Ways to Be Kind to Yourself

(DailyProsper.com) – In this bustling world, sometimes the last person we end up taking care of is ourselves. It can be really easy to become self-critical when you’re burned out, exhausted, and running on fumes. But beating yourself up about things going wrong damages your psyche and overall outlook on life.

To bounce back, what you really need is to learn how to be kind to yourself. YouTuber Alex Gladwin explains how to do that in this video:

Stop dragging yourself down. Practice these five tips and be a little kinder to yourself:

  • Do some self-reflection. Close your eyes and reflect on a pinch-yourself moment from the past. Sit and think about that wonderful, iconic memory and reflect on it. Recalling something amazing that happened to you can be a huge happiness boost.
  • Scroll through Pinterest. Create a board with only kind and inspiring pins. When bored or frustrated, go through and read the words of inspiration for a quick pick-me-up.
  • Buy something nice. Being kind to yourself means occasionally spoiling yourself with jewelry or a nice outfit. Stay within your budget, but don’t be afraid to indulge once in a while.
  • Embark on a day trip. A wine tasting event or a quiet day on the beach may help bring some happiness to your life.
  • Let the past go. Let the past be in the past. You can’t change it; you can only look forward to the future. Don’t let the burdens of yesterday stop you from finding happiness in the moment.

Being kind to yourself helps to ease stress and take the burden off the everyday tribulations that arise. Engage in the simple things to bring yourself happiness and create a fulfilling and satisfying life.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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