Your Financial Freedom is 7 Steps Away

Broke? Develop These 7 Skills to Break Free

Being broke can leave you frustrated and feeling like your life is falling apart. This is especially true if you’re an entrepreneur, a business owner, or even just taking the first steps into your initial career path.

So how do you pull yourself out of a financial rut? I set out to learn how others have broken free and discovered an incredibly helpful YouTube video by guru Dan Lok.

Lok’s focus is really on business owners and entrepreneurs, but his advice is solid and it applies widely to anyone trying to get back on a solid financial track. And it isn’t all about how you manage your money; some of it focuses on how you live your everyday life, too.

In short, you have to get your perspective and ability to manage your life on track if you want to achieve financial freedom.

Here’s what he suggested improving.

  • How you talk to people. Connect with them by using closing lines that make them want to learn more about what you have to offer. This can really help you develop a stronger network which might lead to a better job or more income.
  • How you talk to the public. Hone your public speaking skills. Get out in front of the masses and present your ideas or pitch your skills to whoever will listen. Think about what you want to be doing in life…who do you need to talk to to make that happen?
  • How you communicate via the written word. Learn to hone your message on paper. Start a blog. Monetize it. Start a social media page and show off your personality or share the skills you already have. Being “seen” and communicating effectively can drive more money and opportunities into your realm.
  • Your leadership skills. Avoid the middleman and miscommunication. Don’t leave everything in the hands of someone else to make all the decisions. Be proactive and take action as a default rather than only when pushed.
  • How you manage yourself and your time. You can’t be successful at anything, including your career or how you make money, if you’re always late or one step behind. Develop a calendar and hourly plan for your personal and professional life and stick to it!
  • Your financial literacy skills. Yes, you still need to learn how to manage your money and how to read your own financial statements. Don’t rely on an accountant to handle or ignore things just because you’re stressed. Dive in head-first and become genuinely interested in your own financial health.
  • Your mindset. To be wealthy, develop the mindset that you’ll be financially successful. Learn to conquer fear, envy, limited belief, procrastination and depression, especially where money is concerned. These things can hold you back from achieving both personal and financial goals.

Incorporating these skills into your daily life can help you succeed…but it’s also a great way to change your entire outlook on life. Give them a try for yourself and see what they can do for you.

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