Calm Anxiety Fast With These Apps

Calm Anxiety Fast With These Apps

Having a twinge of anxiety once in a while is perfectly normal. Taking a test or going to a doctor’s visit can cause anyone’s heart rate to rise and their face to flush a bit. But for people who suffer from GAD, or generalized anxiety disorder, anxiety symptoms can quickly spiral out of control. With these helpful apps, you can get a grip on your anxiety symptoms.


Over 2.7% of adults have suffered from GAD within the last year, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. This includes negative thinking and worry that can cripple a person’s lifestyle and trigger anxiety and panic attacks. Headspace allows you to hone your mindfulness techniques and instantly cope with daily stressors. Find unique meditations and mantras and experiment with what works for you.


If you suffer from anxiety attacks, you know it can be hard to concentrate when your mind is spinning out of control. Try downloading the Rootd app. It guides you on how to be in the moment during an attack and gives you tactics on deep breathing and mind exercises to help you find a sense of calm. There’s also a personal stats page for encouragement and an emergency contact button, so you can easily reach a loved one or professional if you’re in distress.

Stop Panic & Anxiety Self-Help

This app focuses on cognitive-behavioral techniques to help bring panic attacks to an end. There’s a built-in diary that helps users recognize and track any thinking that may lead up to a panic attack. It’s a useful tool for centering the mind, curbing anxiety and learning how to change negative thought processes.


This popular download tracks your meditation, relaxation time and sleep. It gives you quotes to help you focus on your inner feelings and brings a halt to racing thoughts. The really cool part is it features stories to put you to sleep at night and nature sounds to bring the chillax of the outdoors inside and help you relax further.

It takes work to curb everyday anxiety and panic attacks. Your phone’s with you almost everywhere you go, so take advantage of it and try a helpful app. It can act as a personal counselor, helping you cope when you need it most. Take control of your GAD and reclaim the calm in your life.

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