How to Properly Portion Your Plate

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( – Overeating is common — so common, in fact, that an overwhelming majority of us do it without even realizing it’s happening.

We make a delicious dinner, load up our plates, toss on a dash of sauce and maybe a little cheese, and then sit down to dig in.

Sounds pretty normal, right?

Unfortunately, there’s a sneaky problem…

That fully-loaded plate we think is your normal, everyday meal? It might actually be a double or triple portion. Depending on the meal in question, you could even be diving into something containing over 1,000 calories — nearly the same amount in the average Big Mac meal at McDonald’s restaurants.

The real average recommended daily caloric intake is much lower. Women need just 1,800 to 2,200 calories. Men need a little more at 3,000 to 3,500. And the average meal should only contain somewhere between 350 and 500 calories altogether.

So what can you do about it?

Kaiser Permanente made a fun video to help you better understand exactly what constitutes the average portion, as well as what kind of foods each meal plate should typically contain.

According to the video, the basic rule of thumb is to use a 7-inch plate for children and a 9-inch size for adults. This might seem small, but even when you load up a plate this size, the calories involved tend to be much more in line. Exercise also matters, so be sure to get out there and get moving as long as your doctor says it’s OK!

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