Are You an Empath?

Are You an Empath?

( – Have other people told you that maybe you care too much? Your sensitive and caring nature draws you in to everyone else’s problems, and before you know it, you’re bleeding yourself dry trying to help.

If this sounds familiar, take heart — you aren’t just overly sensitive. Instead, you could actually be a gifted empath. Psych2Go explains what that is, and why it’s actually something to be proud of, in this video.

You Might be an Empath If…

  • You’re Intuitive. You’re in tune to how others are doing and how they are feeling. It’s common for you to jump at the chance to help others — at any cost.
  • You Think With Your Heart. It’s 11:00 p.m. and the sad ASPCA commercial pops on showing dogs being neglected and hurt. You automatically pick up the phone and end up donating a little too much.
  • You’re Sensitive. You often find yourself taking things personally, even when it might not always be so. If someone gives you criticism, it sits with you for days.
  • You Often Need to Recharge. After listening to someone else’s problems, do you find yourself having to lie down or defrag for a while? Empaths often share the energy and pain of the people around them.

Being an empath can be a bit of a mixed bag, sometimes. Not only do you feel and sense more, but your intuition is often heightened. You might find yourself becoming exhausted or sapped because you feel obligated to constantly “give of yourself” to others.

Remember that being an empath is a gift, not a curse — and you deserve that same empathy, too. Don’t forget yourself in caring for others around you. After all, you can only help others when you’re stable and well yourself.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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