How Terry Crews Conquered Anger

How Terry Crews Overcame Intense Anger

( – Anger is a basic human emotion. It gives us strength and energy, and motivates us to act. However, anger is different for everyone.

Do you let anger get the best of you, or do you rise above it?

In this emotional video, Terry Crews explains the true meaning of strength and shares the story of how he personally overcame intense anger.

Many of us are walking around carrying a heavy load of unresolved anger in our hearts. And all that pent up emotion can take a serious toll on your emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness, too. It is important to deal with anger in a healthy way. When coping with anger, keep the following in mind:

  • Getting even won’t make you feel better. It can actually make you feel worse.
  • Violence is never the answer. You will be tested, but you have to rise above it.
  • Don’t settle. You are in the position to choose right or wrong.
  • Stand up. Strength is not the ability to lift heavy objects or knock people down. True strength is standing up when you see something you know is wrong.

Stooping to the lesser levels of evil in bouts of rage won’t make you feel better. Terry Crews knows firsthand that trying to solve an issue with violence can make you feel worse. Now he chooses to stand up to violence by rising above it, exhibiting true strength. This decision may not be easy when you’re angry, but you are always in the position to choose right or wrong. Don’t settle, speak up. Violence is never the answer.

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