What Do Your Crazy Dreams Mean?

What Do Your Crazy Dreams Mean?

(DailyProsper.com) – Dreaming takes us to another realm of our consciousness. Some dreams can be lucid, even scary… but what about when they’re crazy?

A recent poll revealed that 43% of Americans believe their dreams pinpoint unconscious thoughts and desires, although they can also represent problems, memories and fears.

Brainy Dose explores some interesting psychological facts about dreams.

Do you dream of…

  • Being chased. You wake up in a cold sweat. You were being chased by something, a demon, dog, a random attacker? Either way, that feeling is a tough one to shake. So what does it represent? Consider what may be threatening you. It could be anything from pent up anger to unresolved childhood trauma.
  • Losing teeth. Do you have reservations about your appearance? Or maybe you’re worried about losing your own personal power or being unable to protect yourself? Having dreams that your teeth are crumbling or falling out could be attributed to those underlying thoughts and feelings.
  • Flying. This is a common theme. It may indicate that you’re trying to get away from a certain place or person. It can also represent feelings of freedom and independence.
  • Being naked in public. You end up in the middle of the classroom with your birthday suit on — in your dreams, that is. What a nightmare! This could be an underlying sign that you have unconscious thoughts about your own imperfections or shortcomings.

There’s really no need to worry about the craziness of your dreams. If they do become bothersome, consider reaching out to a mental health professional for help. Otherwise, take all the weirdness with a grain of salt and look forward to the next bizarre adventure!

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