5 Ways to Make Tough Decisions Easy

How to Make Tough Decisions Easy

(DailyProsper.com) – The average human makes around 35,000 decisions per day. Within that, some of those choices may be a little tough: Should you accept that new job offer? When is the best time to start a family? You may be forced to make some decisions rather quickly, while you might have time to think others through a bit. Here are five simple steps for making those tougher life choices easier.

Give Yourself a Deadline

No matter what big choice you need to make, set a time limit on it. If you don’t, it can lead to procrastination, which results in stress and anxiety. Give yourself a day to reach a conclusion, allowing more time if the decision is weightier. Then, make a choice and stick to it. This can halt inconsistent decision making.

Come to Some Clarity

A promising new start-up company offered you the job of your dreams, but it’s halfway around the globe. Maybe you’re torn over leaving your friends and family behind. You have a good, secure job now and wonderful co-workers, but you need to decide for yourself if that change will be too much of a risk. Gain some clarity by visiting the city you plan to move to. See what there is to do, what the people are like, or how much rent and utilities will cost you. Spend a day or a week exploring the city; get to know it.

This hands-on process can help you gain realistic insight on your decision making. Essentially, it eliminates the “grasping at straws” mindset and gives you real, actionable information.

Still undecided? Grab your pen and notebook.

Write It Down

Sometimes laying out the pros and cons on paper is all you need to make a tough decision. Have a mini pow-wow with yourself and recognize which direction will have the most benefits. Create a side-by-side graph and write down the mental and financial aspects, as well as benefits and drawbacks, of the decision you have to make.

Rank and highlight every choice by relevance. How much does each entry matter, and are any more important than the others? Sometimes, visualizing the drawbacks versus the payoffs helps.

Chat With Someone

You’re going to need to make most tough decisions on your own, but seeking advice is almost always helpful. Meet with a friend, co-worker, or even a therapist — someone you can trust. Let them know what it is you’re struggling with, and why. Often an outside perspective can help.

Have Faith in Your Decision

Last but not least, have faith and confidence in what you ultimately decide. Stop procrastination and self-doubt in its tracks by eliminating negative self-talk. Each time you find yourself thinking of everything that might go wrong, counter it by asking yourself, “Is this realistic and logical?” Then, reverse your thinking and look at the other side: What would happen if everything went right?

Practice positive reinforcement. Remember that you’re human; be kind to yourself with your thoughts and words. Whatever choice you make, know that simply choosing gives you the power to move ahead with your life.

Everyone has to make life decisions, but it’s easier if you take these steps. Sometimes the best thing to do is simply just make a decision — even if you’re still feeling a little unsure. Remember, you’ve got this!

~Here’s to Your Success!

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