How to Stop Annoying Robocalls

How to End Robocalls Today

Putting an end to robocalls is easier than you think. Whether they’re interrupting a meal you’re trying to enjoy, falsely getting your hopes up for the call you were waiting for, or just annoying you, many of us want these calls to end. Though some do get a sense of satisfaction out of humorous responses to these calls, we’ll show you how to stop them.

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It’s hard to imagine that there is anyone out there who might actually enjoy robocalls. If you aren’t in that group of people, then you’re probably beyond ready to learn how to stop them. From managing your own responses, to using apps and a registry, we’ll give you everything you need to put an end to these annoying interruptions to your day, right here.

Put an End to Annoying Robocalls.

Stop Encouraging Them

Even if you imagine someone sitting at a desk, randomly calling your phone, that isn’t what really happens. And it’s because of this that you may be encouraging robocalls without realizing it.

Automated calls are made through computer-generated lists that feed into systems which auto-dial your number among hundreds of thousands of other numbers. Then, the system sends the call to a human representative who is simply trying to make a living. And while the human being may not be taking your anger personally as they’re hoping to get on with the next call, the computer is reading the situation in a totally different light.

Marketing campaigns are set up to realize the maximum potential at the minimum cost. The backbone of these campaigns is the data they collect. So, when you get belligerent with a caller, try to annoy them by pushing buttons on your phone or even engage in humorous banter, all the computer sees is that you are engaging. This insight puts you at the top of the list of people to call back, because engagement is the goal of marketing campaigns designed to pursue either a purchase or the collection of information.

The solution? Do nothing. That’s right. Once you realize it’s a robocall, hang up the phone. Eventually, the campaign systems may see you aren’t engaging and you can be removed from the call list so no time or money is wasted when it doesn’t have to be.

Set Up for “Do Not Call”

Maybe you signed up on the “Do Not Call List” that marketers are supposed to follow. You’re being responsible and doing your part to opt-out. Unfortunately, not all marketing companies pay attention to the list, and they always seem to find some loophole around the legalities of ignoring it. So, you may have to take things a step further. Consider these tips:

  • If you haven’t done so yet, get on the National Do Not Call Registry. It may not stop the calls, but it does create a verifiable paper trail in case you ever need to take legal action.
  • Block calls through your service provider. Some communications companies offer blocking services but don’t necessarily advertise them. Contact yours to see what they offer.
  • Install blocking apps. Some cell phone providers have their own call-blocking apps, like Apple. But you can also look into third-party apps.
  • Report the calls. If you’re on the do not call registry, even if you haven’t tried apps or other methods, be sure to report robocalls to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) through their consumer complaint system.

You shouldn’t have to be interrupted at dinner or any other time in the name of some company trying to make a buck or gather information. Use the tips here to reduce or eliminate these annoying interruptions.

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