How To Navigate Uncertain Times

Here's How to Find Your Own North Star

Have you felt like you’ve lost your direction in life? The world can be scary and confusing when it seems like there’s no resolution in sight. How long have you been searching for your “north star” or ultimate goal?

All is not lost, and neither are you. It’s normal to get a little bit off track now and again. What matters more is how you find that shining beacon so you can start moving forward and into your future again.

We can help!

Be Specific About The Outcome You Desire

What exactly are your goals? Do you know? Do you even have goals? If you don’t, now’s the time for a little tough self-love. Sit down and try to work out what it is you want in the first place out of your life.

Consider following the SMART goal plan:

  • Specific – Make sure your goal is clear and defined.
  • Measurable – Allow a reasonable time frame to reach your goal.
  • Attainable – Be sure it’s attainable and not a fantasy.
  • Relevant – Create a goal that aligns with your current lifestyle.
  • Time Bound – Affix a deadline and stick to it.

Knowing exactly what you want at the end of your goal plan…look, that information is so valuable. It eases your ability to move forward. After all, if you can’t define what you want, how can you make anyone else believe in you?

Be a Little Selfish

The only way to find the direction of your north star is to concentrate on yourself and stop putting others’ needs in front of your own all the time. Of course, your children and spouse are always a priority, but you need to make yourself a priority too. Putting yourself first is the only way to stay on track and continue moving toward your goals.

Break Down Your Goals

Use either a personal journal or online notepad to write down what you want to accomplish in the next 10 years. Then break it down from there into manageable, bite-sized chunks. Want your master’s degree? Start with signing up for classes within the next three months. Follow that path until you can reach the lifestyle you want.

Don’t get sidetracked by financial burdens or other obligations. Start saving or take on a side gig. Find ways to make your goals come to life, and don’t forget about tackling the obstacles in the way.

Block Out Distractions

When following the path to your north star, there will be plenty of distractions that try to steer you astray. It might be new friends with other plans or a job requiring more time and devotion. Learn to say no when you need to and keep moving toward your goal. It’s okay to turn down plans or refrain from taking on more than you can handle. Go to a quiet place to think and regroup if need be.

Set Up Goals Like a Budget

If it’s a big goal you’re trying to achieve, time management needs to go to the forefront. Just like you would create and stick to a household or savings budget, do the same with your life goals. What do you need to have under your belt in a certain time frame to be able to reach your goal? Maybe it’s a new car to get to your second job. Or you need to dig a new well for your land to build your dream home by next year. Write it down and work on achieving small steps to reach your destination.

Hold on to your dreams and follow your goal path to the north star like it’s the most precious, valuable possession you’ll ever have. Because it IS and you CAN make your future into almost anything if you put the work in. All it takes is the first step to be further toward your goals than you were yesterday.

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