Popular Stay at Home Job Options

You might find that there are some instances where you need more money than what you currently have. It does not matter whether you have a great job or not. Sometimes, you just need more. But, this is where technology can help you out. If you have great WiFi, a smartphone or a laptop, and some free time, then you can make a good chunk of change. You should not underestimate the power of working side hustles at home. Even if it is not a side hustle, you should really look into your options of remote work. You might be surprised with what you find.

Stay at Home Jobs Can Help More Than You Think

It is quite tempting to work from home, since you can earn money while you are in your pajamas. But, there are more benefits to working from home besides the obvious reasons. You have the chance to maintain a better work-life balance. Additionally, you can arrange your schedule better and avoid overworking yourself. Fortunately, you can find a job anywhere in the world and in any sector. You can thank the internet for that. Think of the fun you will have working from the comforts of your own living room. Also, you will be able to save more money when you work from home.

The best stay at home job opportunities you will find right now are as follows:

  • Transcribing
  • Working as a Remote Customer Service Representative
  • Being A Chat Agent
  • Evaluating Search Engine
  • Moderating a Community
  • Working as a Virtual Assistant
  • Entering Data
  • Bookkeeping
  • Proofreading


Do you think that you are a fast typist? If you are a fast typist and work well under pressure, then you can always apply for transcribing jobs. There are many companies that are eager to recruit individuals to transcribe documents. All you need to do is listen to an audio file and type it. But, you will need to have a strong attention to detail. As an example, GMR Transcription offers $1,000 to $3,000 per month to transcribers. Additionally, Tigerfish offers a flexible workload and you have the option of choosing how many hours you want to work. You will be able to arrange your own schedule and working hours. You can also find transcribing jobs available with Casting Words, Quicktate, Ubiqus, and TranscribeMe.

Working as a Remote Customer Service Representative

If you are a people person, then you might be able to work well as a customer service representative. Despite working from home, social skills are still just as important as they are at the office. Customer service is an option for individuals who want to explore the idea of remote work. Also, you will find that there is no lack of demand for customer service representatives. But, you might find that the competition can get pretty tough. Additionally, the salary is not bad at all. You could make 10-15 dollars per hour, which will definitely help with the bills.

If you think you would be good at helping people rent cars, then Enterprise might be a good fit. Enterprise hires customer service representatives to book cars for clients. You can also look for a customer service job with Kelly Connect, one of the most world-famous international temp agencies.

Being A Chat Agent 

If you do not have the best people skills, then you should consider working as a chat agent. There are many companies that are eager to recruit chat agents to chat with customers for them. Since you will work as a freelancer, you might find that the pay depends on how much you spend chatting online. Additionally, the compensation policy varies from one company to another. It is a good idea for you to work on your typing speed, since there might be a typing speed test involved. You should think about applying to the Chat Shop, a UK-based company that recruits individuals from different states in the United States. If you have a good understanding of mental health, then you can apply for Ginger.io. But, you will need qualifications in psychology to work for Ginger.io.

Evaluating Search Engines

If you have a good understanding of technology, then you could work with LionBridge. They look for individuals who are tech-savvy and have a great attention to detail. Companies like LionBridge will hire you to evaluate search engine errors and fix them. You will need to look through complicated algorithms that search engines operate on and fix any errors you find.  Through this career path, you could earn about $12-15 per hour. If you add some hours on the weekend, then you could earn up to $100 a week. You need to keep in mind that this job needs technical skills on your part. It is normal for people to make mistakes in any job, even with search engines. But, search engine companies need someone to review and evaluate any errors that come their way. This is where you come in handy.

Your job as a search engine evaluator is to look through all of the data and look for any errors that you will need to fix. According to Google, “search evaluation is the process of measuring the quality of our search results and our users’ experience with search.” It is literally your job to enhance the user’s experience and guarantee that there are no mistakes in the search engine.

Moderating a Community

Everybody appreciates a good, heated online discussion. But, sometimes things go a little overboard. This is why somebody needs to be there to supervise the whole thing. If you are interested in something like that, then you can work as a community moderator. There are companies who are willing to recruit moderators who are willing to monitor the posts, delete spam, and answer questions. Keep in mind that you will be dealing with a lot of different groups of people on Facebook or Google+, as a community moderator. Who knows? Your social media addiction could help you out after all.

You will find companies like ModSquad, LiveWorld, and Baby Center that are actively looking for community moderators. If you have the time and patience to sit in front of a screen for a couple of hours, then you would be perfect for the job.

Working as a Virtual Assistant

There are many companies that do not have the time or space to manage administrative tasks in the company. That is why they recruit virtual assistants to handle these tasks for them. As a virtual assistant, you will be in charge of dealing with customer care, emails, event coordination, handling billing and accounting, and more tasks! Typically, virtual assistants earn a range from $20 to $40 per hour. But, it mostly depends on the level of assistance the company needs from. It can vary from one company to another. You will be able to work easily as a virtual assistant, since it does not need a lot of experience or qualifications.

As a virtual assistant, you can choose whether or not you prefer to work as a part-time or full-time assistant. But, whichever you choose, you will require a particular set of skills to work as a virtual assistant. This includes critical thinking, time management, organization skills, fast typing, and many more. In addition, you should think long and hard about the industry you want to apply for as a virtual assistant. That way, you will be able to adjust your resume, depending on the industry you want to work for.

Data Entry

It might not be the easiest job in the world, but data entry works well for beginners. You will not require any equipment or technical skills for the position of a data entry specialist. All you will require is stable internet connection, a computer that works and you will need to be at least 18 years old. If you are able to meet all of those criteria, then you will be able to earn good money. Smart Crowd and ClickWorker are one of the two best websites for this career path and they pay well for data entry specialists.

As a data entry specialist, you can earn money per hour or per project, depending on the company. Either way, you will earn money! Additionally, you will earn money while you are working at home, on your couch. In the field of data entry, your job is to transform raw data into digital files. It might be a lot of work to do, but at least you do not need to exert a lot of mental effort.


As a bookkeeper, you could be able to earn up to $60 an hour. You will not require a finance degree or need to be a CPA. The only thing you need to know is how to use spreadsheets. Additionally, you will require basic computer and math skills to be able to work as a bookkeeper. As a bookkeeper, you will find that the money you earn is good, with an average salary of $19 per hour. If you want to enhance your skills as a bookkeeper, then you can always take part in online training to advance your skills in bookkeeping.


Proofreading is both easy and fun. If you have a knack for finding grammar mistakes and you do not mind reading a couple thousand words every day, then proofreading could help you out. As a proofreader, you are in charge of reviewing content and fixing any errors in the pieces of writing. Keep in mind that you will need to have great attention to detail and an advanced understanding of the English language, so that you can look for the smallest of errors.  Working as a remote proofreader, you can look through content pieces in the comfort of your home and without interruption.

Conclusion:  The Benefits of Stay at Home Jobs

There are many benefits that come with staying at home. Aside from the obvious, you could meet people from all over the world in the comfort of your home office. Also, you will not need to spend so much money on commuting or gas for your car. You do not even need to worry about buying new outfits for the office; every day with remote work can be casual Friday for you!

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