School Shouldn’t be Complicated. That’s Why There’s Bryant and Stratton.

Not every school is created equal. However, for some schools it’s easier to see than others. One school in particular is Bryant & Stratton College. Many people don’t know that this school even exists. However, it’s actually a private nonprofit institution that focuses on providing a noticeable difference to those who want to get a higher education. This article is going to highlight just what’s so special about this school and help you figure out if it is even worth considering!

Understanding Bryant & Stratton College

At Bryant & Stratton College, they focus on certain values when it comes to their students. Their three values are:

  • Student and Life Balance
  • Readily Available Assistance Now and Later
  • Encouraging the Best Version of a Student

Student and Life Balance

At Bryant & Stratton College, they have the belief that life consists of “ands”. Why is that belief relevant? Well that’s because due to this belief, they feel like it’s their responsibility to get students ready to handle whatever comes their way. That means all of the ups and especially all of the downs. Through thick and thin, successes and failures. In the eyes of Bryant & Stratton, all of their students want to change their future in one way or another, regardless of where they come from.

Given everything we just said above, Bryant & Stratton believe that students not only need career skills, but life skills as well. Having a combination of these skills should help students succeed in the career field they chose. Some of these specific skills include:

  • Thinking critically
  • Problem solving skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Handling time management
  • The ability to work with others

Through a tailored education, Bryant & Stratton created something that combines both of these skills. This experience is known as Career LifePrep.


Career LifePrep is special because it consists of unique experiences that can specifically help students handle preparation. Through this education, preparation is focused on helping students throughout their academic journey, as well as for life afterwards. This means everything in the classroom and outside of the classroom! Bryant & Stratton believe in creating a team of support. That is why they provide a customized team to help students through the process from start to finish. That means they can have support when dealing with admissions up until it’s time to graduate.

Their approach includes having conversations with students about what they are currently dealing with. Through assessing problems, they can better evaluate what job opportunities are available and find a path towards a career in the student’s desired field. Some of the professionals that students can expect to see includes those in:

  • Admissions
  • Financial Aid
  • Career Services
  • Academic Services
  • Job Preparation

The Best Part

This college is also special because they actually have partnerships with employers. Through these partnerships, Bryant & Stratton can get a better understanding on what employers want and what they look for in future employees. This helps Bryant & Stratton college create courses that are designed around real life skills that careers need for success. There are plenty of career options including:

  • Accountants
  • Business Managers
  • Nurses
  • Paralegals

Regardless of the career a student chooses, this college offers flexible class schedules with options like:

  • On-campus during the day classes
  • Evening classes
  • Weekend classes
  • Online programs

Thanks to these opportunities, students can find a career that works for them and their goals while working around their current life situation like work, kids, and more.

Readily Available Assistance Now and Later

When students finish getting their education, they often can just get a diploma. However, at Bryant & Stratton, it’s different. That’s because the work accomplished by students is actually documented into a professional portfolio. This portfolio will contain information like completed projects and other accomplishments that students can show employers. This portfolio was designed to help highlight what students are capable of when going through the interview process!

Like we said earlier, Bryant & Stratton College wants to help students even after graduation. That is why there is a variety of support available even after students are done actively pursuing any academics. This means that students who have already graduated can still utilize career support and even find affordable furthering education opportunities. Keep in mind that at Bryant & Stratton College, they have the belief that life consists of “ands”. They want to help their students deal with these “ands” however they can.

Encouraging the Best Version of a Student

It’s one thing to want to improve your future. However, it’s another thing to actually act on it. When students attend Bryant & Stratton college, they are beginning the journey towards becoming the best version of themselves. They are done thinking about it and actually want to see some changes. If you or someone you know wants to do the same then they can check out information about admissions online or get in touch with someone at a local campus if there is one close by!

Highlighting One Career in Particular

There are plenty of opportunities available at Bryant & Stratton College. One option in particular is pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education. This field has over 30 programs and allows students to get this education completely online! For students that want to get education information, they can provide details online. Some benefits that come along with this choosing this career worth noting include the following:

  • Financial Aid Assistance
  • Relevant Coursework
  • Career Preparation
  • Necessary Certifications
  • Quick Degree Options

Financial Aid Assistance

Not everyone is in the same financial situation. This is why it can be beneficial to use the support of Bryant & Stratton college’s financial aid experts. They can help people find ways to handle the cost of a higher education. On top of that, there are available scholarships that eligible students can take advantage of.

Relevant Coursework

It’s not the easiest task to deal with children between infancy to middle-childhood in developmental settings. That is why Bryant & Stratton College provides relevant coursework to help students be ready to handle this career once it’s time to start.

Career Preparation

Getting an associate’s degree can provide a lot of opportunity in this field. Standard job titles that students can get after getting this type of degree include:

  • Admin at at Daycare Center
  • Toddle Teacher
  • Preschool Teacher
  • Necessary Certifications

It should come as no surprise that you will need certifications when pursuing a career in this field. That is why the education that Bryant & Stratton provides is aligned to the standard of NAEYC as well as the CDA Credential.

Quick Degree Options

When students choose to specialize in this field, it’s possible to get a degree in less than 2 years. In fact, students can get their associate’s degree in as soon as 16 months!

Bottom Line

Getting an education is already stressful enough. It doesn’t need to be any more stressful than it already is. That is why there is Bryant & Stratton college. This college is flexible with it’s students and it has three values:

  • Student and Life Balance
  • Readily Available Assistance Now and Later
  • Encouraging the Best Version of a Student

If you are interested in kick-starting off your path towards getting a higher education, you can check out information about admissions. This can be done online or get in touch with someone at a local campus if there is one close by!

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