How to Break Free From Overthinking

How to Break Free From Overthinking

( – Life problems and setbacks happen to the best of us. At times, they may cause us so much anxiety that we forget to enjoy the moment. Overthinking and over-analyzing every problem or potential problem can destroy happiness and trigger bouts of depression. Here are some helpful ways to break free from the weight of overthinking.

Think Now, Not Later

Overthinking can make it look like you can’t take charge of your decisions. Break those chains of racing thoughts by thinking in the moment and reining in unwanted negative thoughts that may be holding you back. And don’t hold off making an important decision; do it now. This breaks the cycle of indecisiveness and overthinking because you’ve already made a choice.

Break Procrastination

Should I? Shouldn’t I? Going back and forth between a final decision leads to procrastination, which may keep you from accomplishing the task at hand. Not making a choice right away can trigger anxiety and racing thoughts, which will only make the situation worse. You might beat yourself up or become preoccupied thinking about worst-case scenarios. Stop! Have more confidence in yourself, make a choice and move on.

Let Things Go

Negativity and bad thoughts that seem to go on repeat in our heads can burden and tie us down. This often happens at times when you need to concentrate the most, like during a test or when trying to fall asleep at night. Try to get in the habit of letting go of the things you can’t control. You can’t change what other people do or will away bad weather on a picnic day, but that’s okay. Let it go, learn to improvise and stop tearing yourself to shreds trying to fix everything.

Shift Your Thinking

Worrying about what your biopsy test results may be or if you’ll get that promotion can cause thoughts to spiral out of control. That’s when you need to shift from that repetitive negative thinking by homing in on something else. Go to the gym, run a mile or spend some time with your pets. Practice yoga and meditation to help clear your mind and focus on the here and now.

Stop thinking about what could have been and what might be. Let things fall into place on their own. Make decisions with confidence and let go of what you can’t change. Tune in to what you can and don’t let negative thoughts consume you. This will free your mind and help you find the inner peace you deserve.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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