Is Your BFF a Narcissist?

Is Your BFF a Narcissist?

( – You love your best friend, the one you tell all your secrets to. But they can be self-centered and aren’t ever there for important milestones in your life. Could they be a narcissist?

Dr. Ramani reveals how to know for sure.

The 4 Textbook Signs of a Narcissistic Friendship

  • Your friendship can feel superficial. They’re the one you always call when you want to have fun. They’re the life of the party, and this invigorates you. But, when you’re making final plans, you see another side. They’re bossy, condescending and never adaptive to your suggestions. You end up doing what your friend wants just to appease them.
  • Narcissists are into themselves. When you two do interact, they only want to discuss their problems or brag about their latest shopping spree. Your friend couldn’t care less about your promotion at work or that new guy you’re dating. Selfishness is true narcissistic behavior.
  • They’re never there for you. Your pet died, and they scoffed and told you to get over it when you called sobbing. Or maybe they dismissed your feelings by comparing the situation to something in their past. A BFF who displays a lack of empathy and only shows superficiality and entitlement may not be someone you want to share your time with.
  • Watch out for a malignant narcissist. They take selfishness to a dangerous level and may get you involved in a sticky situation, putting you or your livelihood in jeopardy. Don’t engage in risky behavior just to appease a narcissist. They’ll only punish you by cutting you down.

You may not see their true colors initially, but don’t fault yourself for being fooled. It can take time and hard lessons to see the light. Know your worth. Life is too short to waste your time on bad company.

~Here’s to Your Success!

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