Should You Skip Breakfast?

Should You Skip Breakfast?

( – It’s the age-old question: Should you eat breakfast every day? If you’re trying to cut calories, you may automatically think you should skip a meal or two. But can it do more harm than good?

In this video, Clancy Morgan from Science Insider shares his experience skipping breakfast for two weeks:

For him, bypassing a morning meal was an experiment to see how his body would react. He didn’t miss it at first, but he did find it more difficult after a few days. What about you? Should you skip breakfast?

Your body relies on routine to determine some of your needs, including when it’s time to fuel up. That’s why missing breakfast when you’re used to eating every morning can cause you to feel hungry. Skipping breakfast may also have a negative effect on your blood sugar levels, causing them to spike when you finally do eat at lunchtime. Keep your blood sugar stable by eating small, high-protein snacks throughout the day.

Over time, especially if you incorporate it into a fasting type of diet, the reduced calories from skipping breakfast may lead to weight loss. But if you’re starving by lunch or dinner because of the reduced food intake throughout the day, you may consume more calories on average. This can have the opposite effect and make you gain weight.

For most people, deciding to skip breakfast is just a preference. Drastic changes to your diet can cause unhealthy weight fluctuations, so keep that in mind. The goal is to establish consistent meals throughout the day to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

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