Starter Tips for Property Investment Basics

If you are considering the prospect of diversifying your investment portfolio, then you should think about property investment. Property investment is popular because some people have seen consistent return of investment and a positive cash flow. Of course, you might find downsides to property investment. But, all investments have a disadvantage or two, right? Before you decide on property investment, you should find out what it is and how it works. Investments are a tricky thing to venture into, so you should be careful. You need to know the right markets and you should know your numbers. Also, you need to be patient. Property investment is a long game, which means that you should prepare to wait a while.

What is Property Investment?

Property investment is when you buy a piece of real estate with the intention that you will earn a return on the investment. With property investment, you can receive return on the investment through rental income, reselling the property in the future, or both of those options. Individuals, investors, or a corporation can own the property and use it as an investment. With property investment, you should know that it is a long-term endeavor. If you plan on earning a return on the investment through rental income, then sit back and relax. However, there are some investors that use real estate as a short-term endeavor. With a short-term investment, the property is remodeled or renovated and resold to the market for an increased price.

How Can You Invest in Properties?

This might be obvious, but investment properties are not used as your primary residence. These properties are used to generate a form of income that is not included in your main line of business. (Basically, property investment is a side hustle.) The way you decide to use the investment defines its value, so make sure you choose carefully. In order to understand what the best use of the property is, you can conduct studies to find out. You can weigh the pros and cons of the property while factoring in the area surrounding the property and the possible rate of return.

Is Property Investment Worth It?

If you have not dabbled with property investment before, then you are probably a little worried. But, there is no reason to be. There are many benefits that come with property investment. You should be able to earn positive cash flow and a consistent return of investment. However, you need to make sure that you decide on what type of investment you will use your property for. Are you going to use it for rental income? Or, are you going to remodel the property and resell it to the market? You need to answer these questions before you decide on investing in any property.

The Benefits of Property Investment

Positive Cash Flow

You probably know this, but cash flow is the income you generate when you rent or lease a property. If you have positive cash flow, then that means that there is money even after paying all of the expenses. On the other hand, negative cash flow means that the expenses outweigh the income. Many investors purchase a property because there is a bigger chance of positive cash flow. Real estate that can generate positive cash flow includes: apartment complexes, industrial buildings, retail spaces, storage facilities, and single-family rental properties. Once time passes and you have positive cash flow properties in your investment portfolio, then you can start living off the income from the cash flow every month.

Increase in Market Value or “Appreciation”

Once you have had a property for quite some time, then there is a possibility that the property in question will increase in market value or it will be “appreciated.” The term “appreciation” refers to the possible added benefit that is associated with property investing. You will never guarantee the added benefit, but there is potential. For a property to increase or be “appreciated”, then it depends on the market. If the market shifts or fluctuates, then that could influence the property’s value. But, it is a rule of thumb among property investors that the longer you own a property, then the better possibility of appreciation.

Diversifying Your Investment Portfolio

One of the main aspects of investing is risk management. You will be able to manage risks when you prioritize the selection of certain investments, rather than making several investments at the same time. There are many investors who choose property investment to diversify their portfolios, but there are risks to property investment. If you have multiple properties in several markets, then you might be able to lower your risk of failure. Additionally, you could make it easier to manage your risk. You should keep in mind that managing risk is easier when all your investments come from the same type of market.

You Can Receive Tax Benefits

Diversifying your investment portfolio is not the only benefit in property investment. Most experienced investors choose property investment because of the tax benefits. You can receive various tax incentives and deductions, as a property investor. Also, you can use property investment to defer taxes or avoid paying taxes on future gains. You should find out about the different available tax benefits that are associated with property investment. If your research falls short, then you can always ask an accountant that specializes in property investments to help you. An accountant can help you understand how to get the most tax benefits out of your property investment and guide you through the process.

Consistent Return of Investment

No matter what you invest in, the main idea is to grow the money you have. You probably heard of this as “a return.” Well, the higher the return of investment, then the faster you earn your money back and generate profit. With property investment, there are different costs that come into play. You need to remember the costs of maintenance and tenant screening. But, you should not worry, these expenses are deductible. Now, you cannot guarantee the growth of your money in property investment. (You cannot guarantee the growth of your money in any investment, actually.) However, there is a bigger possibility of receiving a consistent return on investment with real estate. This means that purchasing a property can lead to cash flow from rental income for a long time. Additionally, you can count on appreciation of the property, tax benefits, and a long-term return on investment.

Keep In Mind That…

Despite the benefits that come with property investment, you should not jump into it with your eyes closed. Like every other form of investment, you need to keep your mind open and watch out for different components that could affect your investment. You might think that you are prepared for property investment, but there are some things that you should consider. If you are a novice property investor, then you should definitely focus on these three things before entering into the world of property investment. Disregarding all of the benefits and disadvantages, these things will make it easier for you to start out in property investment.

It Is Way More Work Than You Think

It might not seem like it, but most beginners do not know the effort that goes into property investments. There is more to property investment than remodeling houses and generating income from rent. A lot of work is involved in learning the “what’s and how’s” of investing in properties. You will need to do a lot of research on your part to find and analyze the property investment of your choosing. In order to succeed, you will need to choose the right property market that suits your investment. Additionally, you need to know how much you can afford and how long you can wait for the return of investment.

There is No Fast and Loose With Property Investment

Growing your money will not happen overnight, especially with property investment. It is a long game that requires patience. In order to replace your income and grow your capital, the process will take time. This is why you should not grow your portfolio too quickly, or you might end up with poor returns of investment. You can achieve financial growth with property investment, but it is a better move to be patient. Make sure that you carefully evaluate each investment opportunity and do not rush your decision.


Overall, you will gain a lot with property investment. Property investment is when you purchase a property with the intention that you will earn a return on the investment. When it comes to property investment, you can grow your money in two ways.  You can grow your money through rental income or reselling the property in the future. (Or, both of those options.) You should consider the benefits and the drawbacks before you decide to invest in real estate. Just keep in mind that you will have to be patient, since real estate is a long-term game.

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