Why Your Plastic Water Bottle is a Major Fire Hazard

Why Your Plastic Water Bottle is a Major Fire Hazard

(DailyProsper.com) – We do what we can to be safe, but some hazards can hit unexpectedly. Even everyday items, put in just the right conditions, can pose serious threats. What about that water bottle you leave in your car?

I was shocked to learn a plastic water bottle could actually trigger a fire. Glass… well, that makes more sense. Most people are at least minimally aware that it’s possible to start fires by magnifying the sun’s rays. But apparently, that’s also possible with plastic.


Here’s a brief explanation of the science:

The water acts as a faux lens. Just like a magnifying glass, the clear plastic and water can create heat as they refract sunlight. It doesn’t matter if it’s warm or cold outside; any amount of water in a plastic bottle can have the same effect.

If the sunlight hits just right, the refraction creates a focused beam and heat begins to generate. Once that ray hits any type of combustible surface like paper or fabric, it can begin to smoke. This can happen anywhere where sunlight flows in — a garage, sunroom or lighted area anywhere in your home.

And how to prevent it…

Avoid leaving your water bottle in the car. Not only can it pose a fire hazard, but some plastics can leach into the water from heat exposure, leaving harmful chemicals behind.

Switch to a personal water bottle. It’s as easy as switching over to a reusable container to hold your water or juice. This a safer option for not catching anything on fire, and it’s so much better for the environment.

The main takeaway here is to never leave a plastic water bottle where it could catch sunlight, even during the winter months. It could trigger a spark, and before you know it, your entire world could be up in flames.

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