The Real Reason People Pick Toxic Partners

The Real Reason People Pick Toxic Partners

Do you ever wonder why some people are drawn to partners who aren’t good for them (or worse yet, harm and abuse them)?

According to the video below, it might not be just incidental bad luck or luck of the draw after all. Instead, it’s far more likely to be rooted in childhood experiences.

Let’s say you grew up with a parent who had a temper and fought with you. As an adult, you could be likely to fall in love with the same type of person, even responding to their behavior in the same way you responded to your caregiver as a child.

Weird, right?

Maybe not. It seems that most humans are attracted to what feels familiar from childhood – even if it made them unhappy.

How to Break Free

If you’re in this situation, you probably can’t change your partner. But you CAN change how you respond. If you start noticing yourself falling back on that familiar child-like response, try to focus on becoming more aware of your reaction.

Breaking those patterns down can help you discover a newer, better future. Because at the end of the day, you DESERVE a love who will really treat you like the whole, amazing, incredible person you already are.

If you feel like you’re attracted to all the wrong people, don’t assume it’s just bad luck; there’s a rational explanation instead. You might not be able to control who you’re attracted to, but you can control your behaviors and demand the treatment you deserve.

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