Self Care- Even If You Are Short On Time

5 Ways to Improve Your Life in Just 10 Minutes

Ever feel like your life isn’t going anywhere? Hard times can lead to feelings of frustration, burnout and even depression. Life is a series of ups and downs, but with some resilience, you can push through. 

The best news? You don’t have to spend hours making a change, either. Just jump right in with these 10-minute strategies for success.

Reflection and Journaling

Sometimes, the answers to your problems can become clearer with a little reflection. It can be as simple as jotting down some thoughts on a piece of paper and then throwing it away. This can help you to express your innermost feelings in a safe way.

Go deep! Think about what frustrates you the most. How about the most painful thought or memory currently weighing on you? Write out how it makes you feel. Is it holding you back? Now, take that paper and throw it away — or better yet, burn it! Banish the thoughts that are weighing you down, take a deep breath and move forward. 

Journaling is another way to improve your wellbeing and let bottled up stressors go. Write out your thoughts and solutions to make life better. Jot down something positive to reflect on when you’re feeling defeated. This may include self-improvements or personal goals. Take about 10 minutes each day for this type of reflection. Use word prompts or daily affirmations if you have trouble getting started.

Meditation and Yoga

Making life more meaningful starts with having a clear, calm mind. Daily tribulations can easily bring stress, which can trigger anxiety and depression. The result is a lifestyle that can spiral out of control quickly. Learning ways to cope with stressful thoughts and situations naturally and mindfully will carry you through any rough patch. An improved body and mind through yoga and meditation practices can help you center your spirit. 


Self-care is much more than getting your hair done or visiting the spa for the day. To improve your life, consider what’s been dragging you down and put aside 10 minutes to work on a solution. This could mean letting go of a toxic relationship, or maybe you haven’t been eating well and would benefit from some meal planning. Whatever you’ve been meaning to do to better your life, it’s time to start now.

Map Out a To-Do List

Ever face the end of the month with that nagging feeling that you forgot to do something? Life gets busy, and it can be hard to juggle everything. Take a few minutes out of your time to map out a to-do list. Include appointments and bill due dates, along with a few goals you’d like to complete before the end of the year. Create a calendar and set up phone app reminders to help you meet your goals.

Ask for Help

Sometimes, it can be hard just getting through the day. Maybe you’re overwhelmed with big household tasks or you’re a single parent working two jobs. Or you might be a devoted caregiver for an aging parent and spend all your free time helping out. 

No matter what, it’s okay to reach out for help. Carve out 10 minutes to ask friends, family or neighbors for a little help. If they can’t pitch in, see if you’re eligible for outside help. For example, caretakers might seek out professional respite care to catch a break when they really need it.

Improving your life in just a few minutes is a small but effective way to help you reach your goals. Regardless of what overwhelms you or is holding you back, there’s a solution to nearly every problem life throws at you. Try the above tips and see what works for you.

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