Are You Being Manipulated Right Now?

Are You Being Manipulated Right Now?

( – Have you questioned whether you’re being manipulated by a friend or loved one? This can be a deeply scary experience that leaves you feeling unsettled, uncertain, and just plain stressed. You might even find yourself questioning whether it’s really happening or blaming yourself if the other person’s efforts are particularly subtle.

The good news is that once you know how to spot manipulation, it becomes a lot easier to refuse to be victimized by it. Psych2Go details the most telltale signs in this video.

Here’s how to spot if someone is treating you this way:

  • They display passive-aggressive behavior. They may blame you for issues right away to manipulate you into feeling everything’s your fault. Know your worth and don’t fall for it.
  • Gaslighting is their specialty. Blaming you or rewriting history to make everything your fault is a gaslighting specialty with manipulators. They trick your brain into thinking you did or said something you didn’t.
  • They play the victim. They make you feel bad for hurting them, even though it was an accident or wasn’t your fault. A lot of this behavior is simply for attention.
  • They joke at you. Manipulators love to make you feel unworthy. They may even bully you or play jokes on you in front of others, only to accuse you of seeking attention or being overly sensitive when you call them on it.

Manipulators do everything they can to get the attention they want. They will dismiss your emotions and maybe even blackmail you in the process. Know your worth and get rid of the toxicity right away. You deserve better.

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