The One Skill Needed to Be a Great Leader

The One Skill Needed to Be a Great Leader

Martin Luther King. Julius Caesar. John F. Kennedy. Mahatma Gandhi. Bill and Melinda Gates, President Donald Trump, and the Dalai Lama.

Michael J. Fox.

These people all came from very different time periods and walks of life – and each gave something unique to the world. But they all have something very important in common: they were, or are, incredible world leaders.

But what exactly does that mean, anyway?

Simon Sinek’s best TEDTalk explains.

But here’s what it all comes down to…

All great leaders specialize in making the people around them feel safe, supported, and secure. And no, that doesn’t necessarily mean creating a “safe space” in every instance. It can also mean putting the right safety net in place and then pushing someone to step outside their comfort zone because that just happens to be what they need at the time.

The great leader pushes, yet also lifts people up when they fall. They are the safety net giving people the confidence to do more, be more, and thrive.

Feeling safe is really important. It’s why we turn to leaders like presidents and heads of state when there is a catastrophe or devastating event happening in the country. We trust them to keep our streets and borders safe so we can continue to focus on our own lives, our loved ones, and our goals.

This is true even at work. Most people function best in the workplace when managed by someone who they know has their wellbeing and security in mind.

So, if you want to inspire, lead, and influence, what you really need to figure out is what makes the people around you feel safe – and how you can inspire that feeling, too. You don’t need to be famous or even well-known to be a positive example.

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