Can You Spot a Liar Right Away?

Can You Spot a Liar

( – Being lied to can feel like one of the worst betrayals, and making sure it never happens again can be tough unless you really know what to look for. Well, that’s something Dr. Phil has a lot of experience with, and he was happy to share a few tips in a recent interview with Megyn Kelly.

What to Look For

They take advantage of your confidence.

Have you ever spoken with someone, and they tell you a little secret about another co-worker? You then respond with your own recollection or story about that person that you know to be true. Then, they go back and relay what you said to that person. They are tapping into your confidence and using it against you for their own personal gain. In the end, you end up the bad guy.

They’re “too good to be true”.

There are many strangers on the web ready to take advantage of vulnerable people who are lonely. They’ll lie to get you to send them money or gifts, even lie about who they are and what they look like. If a person you’ve just met online seems too perfect and has a lot of too-incredible promises like marriage or a close relationship, steer clear of them.

They want something.

Some people lie to get you to believe they live by a certain high standard or purpose. They can make up stories about who they are, what they do for a living and what their future goals are. This is destructive because your whole perception of them is a falsehood, and they may even be scamming you.

A liar can be hard to spot, but the red flags do exist. Keep your guard up, but also trust with your heart. There are other people out there with the same intentions as you.

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